Laganas Beach

Zante Beaches

Zante beaches are famous for their golden sands and clear blue waters. An increasing number of people from around the world travel to this island every year to enjoy the stunning beauty of its beaches and to relax in its sublime beauty.

Almost all the beaches of Zante are clean with golden sands and crystal clear azure water. The shallow waters make these beaches safe and ideal for family fun. Some also offer wonderful opportunities for water sports. Bars and taverns along the shores provide refreshments. Sunbeds and umbrellas add to the glamour of the beaches.

Top 3 beaches of Zante

Besides these few, there are many more beautiful beaches in Zante. Their sheer natural beauty and clean sands and water make Zante beaches very well worth visiting.

Navagio Paralia


The Navagio or Shipwreck beachalso known as the Smuggler’s Cove is the most famous beach on the island. Originally called Agios Georgios, this beach got its name in 1983 after the shipwreck of a boat containing illegal cigarettes. This is one of the most picturesque beaches in the World that has been photographed lots of times. This beach with its inexplicable turquoise colored water is a must visit on a trip to Zante. The beach itself consists of a small stretch of sand with white pebbles in it.

Zante Beaches

Porto Roma

The Porto Roma beach is located to the east of Vasilikos, a quiet and unspoilt resort of the island. Like other beaches in the area of Vasilikos, this beach is clean and quiet and is suitable for spending a quiet and relaxing day. The crystal clear and shallow waters make the beach safe for children. Refreshments are an added benefit at the beach.

vasilikos zante
Laganas Zakintos

Zante Beaches


Laganas is the most popular and lively resort of Zante. This beach is a part of the National Marine Park which protects the endangered species of turtles, Caretta-Caretta which lay eggs on the beach.