Shipwreck Beach Zante

About Zante

Zante island is located in the western Greece, and constitutes one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe, with thousands of tourists visiting the island every season. Most of them are coming from Great Britain, Italy and, of course, Greece.

Zante is for sure one of the most beautiful island in Greece. It has wild landscape, high mountains and green forests that spread to the coastline. It’s surrounded by clear blue waters and golden sand beaches.

The summers in Zante are always hot and the weather usually cloudless, with the average temprature above 25°C. That makes it perfect summer destination.Zante is ideal destination for any traveller. No matter if you are there for leisure, beach life, night life, business, history or city breaks; Zante island covers them all.

Zante is globally famous for the amazing beaches. The crystal clear blue water of the Ionian Sea, together with the white sand and the steep cliffs, are consisting few of the nicest beaches in the world. Navagio (Shipwreck Beach) is probably the most famous of them, as the scenery is trully spectacular. However, don’t miss to visit more beaches of Zante such as the very long Laganas beach, the Caretta Caretta turtle beach – KalamakiKeri in the western Zante, the popular beach in Vasilikos and of course the amazing Blue Caves close to Navagio beach.

Moreover, Zante has great night life. In the Town of Zakynthos, as well as in most resorts of Zante, you will find many bars, tavernas and pubs where you can spend your night and have fun.

Keri Zante
Laganas Zakintos

However, Laganas is the number one choise for British and Italian visitors. Laganas has countless night clubs, bars and restaurants which stay open 24hours and host thousands of fun seekers every night.

Zante is also a great destination for those who are looking for leisure, museums, sightseeing, and  relaxing holidaysZakynthos Town and smaller resorts accross the island are a great option for that kind of travellers.

Zante is well connected with Europe and the mainland of Greece, as it has a very bussy port and an internation airport. During the touristic season, there are decades of flights to Zante from many European cities. Moreover, there are many low cost flights connecting Zante with Great Britain, Italy, Germany  and other countries by airlines such as Ryanair, Thomas Cook and Easyject. Check here all flights to Zante and from Zante live.