Laganas Zakintos


If you are one of those travel buffs who want to try a different destination each year, then you should not miss Laganas Greece. There is something very romantic in taking your summer break on one of the many exotic islands of Greece where you can soak the sun and the sea to your heart’s content as well as explore the existing, ancient ruins which form a part of Greece’s rich history. So, come summer and make your destination Zante Laganas.

Where Exactly is Laganas Zante?

Laganas is a beach village located on the south coast of Ionian island of Zante. It is one of the largest and most popular resorts of the island and easily accessible by air, being about five kilometers from the airport. Cheap flights to Laganas, Zante can be obtained from any departure point of Europe, USA and Canada.

Attractions of Laganas Resort

  • Laganas Beach

The resort is housed within the Laganas Bay and is popular for its fine sandy beach and crystal blue waters. It is a fairly narrow expanse of fine sand stretching for about 9 km or so with swimming and sunbathing being popular pastimes. Water sports are restricted here but you can avail of them at nearby resorts. Check out more Zante beaches.

  • Laganas Nightlife

Laganas is noted for its crazy nightlife and hence mostly frequented by younger crowds. The innumerable bars and Zante Laganas clubs attract clubbers who can party till the wee hours of dawn. Good music and varied avenues for amusement characterize this resort, and in fact it is said that the buildings which house these activities far outnumber those meant for functional purposes.

  • Loggerhead Sea Turtles

Another point of attraction is the loggerhead sea turtles who gather in groups to the bay of Laganas for nesting purposes. The Laganas beach is their favorite haunt and hence the beach forms a protected area, with any form of water sports prohibited here.

  • Other Attractions

You should not forget to visit the monument in honor of the noted 16th century anatomist, Andre Vesale which is located here. Other places include the neighboring quaint villages, fascinating small churches at Lithakia and splendid mansions at Saracina. A visit to these places will surely make your Laganas holidays more enriched.

laganas zante
Laganas Nightlife
Laganas Beach

As for food, there are varied restaurants lining the beach, which cater to the tastes of all the young Serbian, Dutch, British and German tourists who mainly visit this place. A number of shops selling souvenir items, leather goods and jewellery are present in the resort and offer a good source for buying memories. Besides these, there are innumerable supermarkets which can meet all your holiday prerequisites.

Accomodations at Laganas, Zante

There is a plethora of Zante Laganas hotels ranging from the basic to extremely luxurious depending upon your budget. You can check out for some good deals at Zante Park Laganas which is about 350 meters from Laganas. It offers modern amenities and varied entertainment options. Click here now to see available hotels in Laganas and to book your hotel in Zante.

Ideal Time to Holiday at Laganas

Laganas weather is best in the months of April to September and that is the ideal time for vacationing in Zante Laganas. Laganas enjoys pleasant summers with the heat tempered to some extent by the cool breezes from the Mediterranean Sea. If you are not very interested in getting that perfect tan, then you should head to any hotel Laganas in the off season (during early October) when you can have the beach to almost yourself with the lessening of the usual crowds.

So, when are you making your holiday destination- Laganas Greece?