Laganas Nightlife

Nightlife in Zante

Along with its marvellous beauty of mountains and beaches, Zante nightlife is also famous around the world. Zante nightlife has something to offer for both the tranquillity seeking tourist and the fun loving tourist.

The central part of the island of Zante and the area of Vasilikos are ideal for people wanting to spend quiet evenings. The sounds of Zakynthian cantata accompanies good food at the numerous restaurants, taverns and cafeterias and gives a good time to those who want to enjoy a relaxing night.

The southern parts of Zante are flooded with tourists as most people choose to make their stay at those parts. This has led to the concentration of nightclubs, discotheques and bars in those areas. The places famous for their entertaining nightlife are Argasi, LaganasTsilivi, Kalamaki and Alykes. For visitors who are more inclined towards loud and crazy nightlife, these towns offer very exciting Zante nightlife. These bars and discos have loud music and dancing which starts in the evenings and ends at sunrise.

Laganas Zante
Zakynthos zante

Some of the famous clubs and bars that offer exciting nightlife are:

  • Catakomves – Located on the eastern part of the island, this is one of the oldest bars. It boasts of a unique landscape with plenty of tunnels below an old building and is famous for its exclusive cocktails.
  • Kaliva – This is located in Tsilivibeside the sea. A beautiful garden surrounds it. Its children’s playground makes it an ideal place for families. It is known for the special events like karaoke and live music it offers during summer.
  • Jungle bar – This is one of the most famous bars at Alykes. It is famous for its drinks and cocktails. It plays music from all types from classics to latest hits.
  • Rescue club – It is situated at the most famous part of the island, the Laganas. The speciality of this club is its traditional Greek amusement. It includes special fire shows and bar dancers and serves special cocktails.
  • Paraporo – Sited at Alykes, it is the only bar situated on the beach.

The lively towns of Zante with their immense facilities and beauty feature a wonderful Zante nightlife.