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Zante Photos

Zante is an amazing place that pictures can’t capture. However, we collected few photos from all over the island. Click on them to display information and further details about the location.

Zante Map

Zante island is located in western Greece, and is the northen island of Ionian Sea. It has about 15km distance from the mailand of Greece (Kilini port) and 407.58 km2 total area. All major resorts of Zante island, such as Zakynthos Town, Laganas, Kalamaki, Tsilivi, Keri and Vasilikos, as well as the aiport of Zante;

Zante Weather

Zante has a normal mediterranean climate with hot summers and medium cold winters. During the summer weather of Zante is usually sunny and cloudless, with the average temprature above 25°C and with maximum, some days, even above 35°C. However, the lush of the island together with the sea breeze keeps the heat down and makes

Zante Zakynthos Zakintos
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